Monday, September 22, 2008

Power is back on (Kind Of)

The lights flickered on Saturday afternoon. We noticed that across the street the neighbors had power. Ours blinked and then everyone was out. Then the fire trucks went speeding past. We were thankful that no one was hurt but one of the lines caught fire. Wow that is scary work.

A few hours later we were back up and running. So as of Saturday night we had power. The B family still didn't and say was warm. We invited them over for dinner and a movie. It was fun to stay cool inside and just veg. out. We kept the laundry going just in case. we have had the power blink several times since Saturday night. It stayed off for about ten minutes this afternoon. So far it keeps coming back.

We thought we would sleep better with the power fully restored but Saturday night we then had plumbing issues. At 3 A.M. Jason decided to turn all water to our home off. He went out to Lowes at day break just to wait until they opened. Curfew has all the stores on limited times and good luck getting someone to your home to fix a minor issue. Jason worked on it until he figured it out. We were then able to get to Mass on Sunday evening.

Some schools started back today. We did not. I still needed the time to catch up on other work. We are also trying to keep up in case the power stays off again for more than a day. Our neighbors have been told 2 more weeks. Apparently we were in the group that would not have been looked at for 4 weeks until we lost the generator to the water. That being out created a health hazard for too many people. The good news is that they began working on us for that reason and we were one of the lucky ones that got power. Our neighbors all around us are still in the dark. We will begin school tomorrow and continue to try to help those around us. The adults in the household will go to give blood tomorrow as it is in great demand right now.

We are trying to get back to a new normal. Everything outside of our home is different right now. We are not even in the worse hit areas, I just keep praying for those around us that had it worse. Please keep praying for all the victims or Hurricane Ike. "Like Tina Turner, Ike won't keep me down!" says Rhonda. I will end with another quote from Rhonda's note to our home school group. Being from New Orleans she really has a good take on things. "As someone who is "New Orleans born, bred, and fled," I learned we don't run from hurricanes, we drink them!"

So here's to Ike!

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