Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Rough Night Myth

"It was a rough night last night", or so I said to my hubby this morning.  

Then I really thought about that statement and how often we as new parents make it.  What do I mean when I said it was a rough night?  OK well let me think, my babies wanted to be held most of the night.  Adorable needed a diaper change in the middle of the night, it was a nasty poopy diaper.  After that she felt better.  Beautiful wanted to eat every two hours.  So I would have to wake up get her all set and then fall back to sleep. It was a very hot night with two babies hanging on me.  My arms were aching from holding both of them all night long. 

.  .  . Whoa wait a minute Neen, are you complaining about the honor of getting to hold two very healthy babies?  Or getting to feed two little ones that are needing to grow?  Are you really complaining that God allowed you to heal so much that your babies want you to hold them all night long and that they are healthy enough to ask?  

I am sorry!  I am most thankful for a night without much sleep because it means I wake up with sore arms that are filled with the most wonderful of gifts.   


Beautiful - Mom- Adorable

Beautiful at the top and Adorable at bottom.  They are in mom's very tired arms.  


Adorable - Beautiful

Adorable - Beautiful with their arms intertwined while looking up at us making faces at them.  

Mom and Jumba trying to to get the twins to smile.

Adorable - Beautiful
OK so let me be honest, last night was another wonderful night that I got to spend with two special people.  I didn't get lots of sleep but I wouldn't trade the night for all the money in the world!

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