Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy 3 Month - Celebrate with a Swim

The twins are officially 3 months today.  They might be a tad behind but nothing major.  I have forgotten that they were preemies and have to remind myself when I think they should be doing something that they are not.  Today was also Princess's birthday and that will be covered in a separate post.
Adorable and Sugar
Everyone knows that the Texas T's love to swim.  The babies' first dips had to include us all.
Beautiful and Pooker
Clearly we were more excited than the twins.
Different ideas came up on how to introduce to the water.  Some wanted to rush others went slow.
Bear with Adorable


Beautiful - Adorable

Adorable with Mom and Beautiful with Dad
Eventually they relaxed and enjoyed it.

Every helping

Adorable - Beautiful
I think they preferred the quiet nap time most.
We have very cool babies.

I love all my precious swimmers.

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