Sunday, August 5, 2012

They Have Arrived!

Mimi came to visit and to meet the newest members of the Texas T family.  She drove down with my sister KeeKee and her daughter.

Adorable - Mimi - Beautiful
I think my mom liked the twins.  She was happy to hold them.  I loved having the chance to show off my babies to my mom.  Mimi was great at making all the kids feel special.  To her it was about the grandchildren, all of them.

 Possible and Sugar trying to get Beautiful to smile for MiMi

 He niece and my sister enjoyed holding Adorable.
Since my haircut the kids keep calling me Mimi.  I can see some similarities but I now realize that I look more like my dad's side of the family.

 KeeKee visits the upstairs.
 Mimi cuddles with Adorable.
 Mimi then cuddled Beautiful.  She agrees, they are the best babies.
 Then the card games began.  This was the theme the rest of the visit.
 Bear shared his big cards for a fun game with these fun sized cards.

 Everyone enjoyed the card games.

 I think that the dinning room is my favorite room in our house.  There is plenty of room for fun.
Mimi was so much fun.  Sugar loves her Mimi and demanded her picture after the twins each got one.

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  1. I'm so glad that your mom and sister were able to drive down for a visit! I'm sure your other kiddos were so excited to visit with their mimi! I know my kids love their mimi, too! Fortunately, since we live a bit closer to STL we make it home more often. I'm sure their departure was bittersweet!


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