Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mom Gets a Turn

The kids were all busy for the night.  I got a turn in feeding the babies their cereal.  The bad news is that I am not very good at feeding two at one time.  My left hand just isn't as steady as Adorable would have liked meaning that I wasn't as fast as Beautiful wanted.   

Adorable - Beautiful

They are my babies for sure, they love their food!

Possible kissing on Adorable

Princess resting with Beautiful

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  1. So cute! I can't believe they are already ready for cereal! Time flies so fast!!! So from your post it sounds like they like it!!!

    So a question for you since I never had you have to feed in tandem...or can you feed one first and then the other, alternating who goes first at each feeding?!!!

    Chris cousin had triplets (12 years ago!) wonder her mother lived with them for 6 months...who could feed three babies at once?!!!

    So very sweet!


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