Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympics 2012

We were more into the Olympics this time around than in the past.  Maybe it is because I spend so much time stuck in a chair to nurse the twins that I enjoyed watching it all day long.  I loved watching the swimming this time around.  My own swimmers have taught me more about the various strokes so it was enjoyable.  I have always loved gymnastics.  I wont enjoy the track stuff as much.  We were invited to watch one night with friends.  We had a blast.  The L family are neighbors that we swim with on swim team.  The mom and dad were swimmers themselves.  I enjoyed learning from them about some of the ins and outs.     

They have a baby that they brought home from the hospital at the same time we brought our babies home, the same day actually.

Sugar can often be found baby sitting for the L family.  She LOVES the kiddos and is not at all intimidated by the 7 children to keep track of.  

We had so much fun with these friends.  We hope that someday we might be watching one of our own children swimming in the Olympics. Go USA!

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