Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We Scream for Ice Cream and Mimi

Being that it was August and very hot we decided to take the drive to Brenham Texas to tour the BlueBell Ice Cream plant.  So much fun and you got a yummy treat at the end.  

I love this shot with Mimi, KeeKee and I and then a chunk of Mimi's grand babies.  They all love her bunches and bunches.

OK I know that these are pictures of each twin.  I can't tell which one is which.  When the hair is covered they look very much the same.

I can tell here because Beautiful's car seat had the blue toy ring attached and Adorable had the pink one.
We look full now don't we!?!  That was such a fun thing to do.

Mimi sure loves each one of her grand kids, from Pooker, the 1st, all the way to Beautiful, the youngest.  I hope my grand kids will love me as much as my kids love my mom.

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