Sunday, August 12, 2012

Changing Babies - 13 Weeks Old

 They are growing up too fast!
Twin Adorable

Twin Beautiful

They are changing.  It is good news.  Today I was congratulated three times at Mass.  People thought the babies were newborns.  I know they are still small (well for a T family baby) but they look nothing like a newborn.  They are holding their heads up now.  They are laughing.  They cry real tears.  They follow us around the room with their eyes.  They also can no longer fit into newborn size diapers.  
Adorable up close making a silly face.

Beautiful and her big eyes watching us watch her.  
These babies are so much fun.  We are loving that they now respond to us.
Beautiful - Adorable
So that is the update for week 13 with these precious babies.

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  1. Babies really do change so very quickly! I had to laugh at the story you shared about all the congrats you received at Mass. We had a similar, but different experience...

    a young girl came up to us and asked if Luke was a preemie! (He was my biggest baby yet at 8 lbs. 12 oz!). When I said no she replied that he just looked so tiny to her! Her mother stepped in to the conversation and said, "Well Honey, when you only weigh 8lbs and your father is 6'5" you're going to look like a preemie!


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