Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Very Special Gift

The kids were moving car seats around for me and they came running in with one of our neighbors asking if we were going to be home for the few minutes.  He left and returned with his mom and sister.  They came bringing us this very special cake to celebrate the twins.

I love that they made the design with the two babies under a pink blanket.  This is a view I see so often of my little ones.  They sleep so much as babies and this cake view sums up what I see all the time.
We invited the B family in to see the babies.  They declined to hold them because they just were not feeling perfect.  Turns out they got pretty sick over the next two weeks.  We felt so honored that they took the time to help us celebrate while not even getting to enjoy eating the cake or holding the twins.
I look at all the details and work that went into this cake.  I feel so loved.  So much time and thought went into this loving gift.  It was a true treat for us all to enjoy.
Adorable - Yummy cake - Beautiful

Adorable - Beautiful
Even the flavors were chosen to make sure everyone would be pleased.  It was 3 layers with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.  As if that wouldn't be yummy enough it had chocolate between the layers and banana on the outside.
Thank you so much to the B family.  We are neighbors, we7uy enjoy swim team together and we all homeschool.  We have the goal of heaven for our children.  You taught my family a gift when you made us this cake.  We are all called to use our talents to celebrate God's gifts.  We thank you from the bottom of our heart.

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