Friday, August 17, 2012

Switching Outfits

All of these pictures were taken within two days of each other.  The girls outfits were cleaned and then put on the opposite baby two days later.  Talk about confusing.  We took lots of pictures just cause they are cute and the babies are so alert.  

On 8-15 Twin Adorable is in the White top and Twin Beautiful is in the Pink Top.

I just love these faces.  So much alike and yet so different.

The pictures below were taken on 8-17.  Twin Adorable is in the hot pink and Twin Beautiful is in White.


Twin Adorable

On the move

Twin Beautiful

Beautiful - Adorable
My little ones are so much fun!


  1. your girlies are magnets to your blog. can't stay away... everytime i see them, I gotta stop by to sneak a peek at how beautiful and adorable they are!!

    1. Thank you. I need to post more. They change everyday. They are so much fun an so cute. We can't stop looking at them. We are not productive at all these days.

  2. Have you ever wondered if you've gotten them mixed up???!!! They are just precious and look so much alike!!! I sometimes wonder if Megan and Mindy (my cousin's identical daughters) aren't really Mindy and Megan?!!! ;)

    1. They are looking more and more alike. Beautiful's face is filling out and is looking rounder like Adorable. I have had to pause just recently to make sure I had the "right" baby. The hair is still a dead giveaway but if it is dark, forget it. Our secret back up is that Adorable had a belly birth mark. I am loving the twin thing so much.


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