Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fantasy Football

Pickle now loves football, it is kind of a new thing.  During a Saints game last year he fell in love with the sport.  He has spent the past year gathering as much information as he could on the sport in general.  Dad invited him into the big guys family fantasy league.  J, his dad,brothers, friends that are like brothers,  and brother-in-laws with Bear and now Pickle form a league.  I never knew how big of a deal this is but it is huge.  

The draft was interesting.   

 I get to help Pickle this year as he learns, that means I am learning also.  I was bored way before the teams were picked.  I have never liked Beer (more of a mixed fruity drink kind of girl), but I did force myself to enjoy 3/4 of a beer while the draft was happening.

I bet I will never get it like the guys do but it is cool to watch them bond over this stuff.  (And in our family - most of the girls k now as much as the boys.  It is just mom that is out of the loop!)  Good luck Pickle on your first season and good luck to dad and Bear as well.

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