Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jumba is 5

Jumba continues to be such a delight to this family.  We were so surprised when we learned he was on the way, but he has turned out to be the most precious of gifts for our family.  He has a bright smile and and kind attitude to all.  He is our honey. 

Part of me wishes he would pick a nicer restaurant for his birthday meal but Dad had fun climbing in the tubes at McDonalds.  I guess it was the perfect choice Jumba.  

Pooker with Beautiful

Goobers with Adorable

Beautiful - Adorable
Everyone became a ninja before we cute the cake.

Goobers is holding Adorable and Pooker has Beautiful

Jumba is a wonderful young man.  We all adore this guy.  Happy birthday Jumba!

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