Monday, August 13, 2012

New Library Patron

Our family tradition is that you are old enough for a library card when you turn 5. We decided to have a soft start to our 2012-2013 school year this week.   We would be just doing review with the three little ones (not the twins).  We will begin each week with a visit to the library.  
Our first official school act for this year was to get Jumba his library card.
~Funny Big Family story:  While getting Jumba's card I asked Sugar to take some pictures.  To us this is a rite of passage, it is a big deal.  We wanted pictures.  (I wanted to blog about it.)  The lady that is blocked by the computer screen in the above picture sees the camera and starts correcting Sugar, I got mad and in the end I think we will visit other library locations.  This woman is not pro-big family at all.
Librarian:  "UM what is she doing?"
Neen:  "Taking pictures."
Librarian:  "She isn't allowed to do that."
Neen:  "She isn't allowed to take pictures of me?, Why not, I asked her to?"
Librarian:  "You can't just take pictures of people at the library.  We have to protect our patrons and their identities."
(What, this is a public space.  It is not one that guarantees privacy.  What are they doing at this library that people don't want to be seen?  I think she just didn't want her picture taken.)
Neen:  "Oh don't worry she isn't getting a picture of you, we are just getting one of this little guy here.  We always make a big deal out of getting the library card.  I think it helps re-enforce the responsibility that goes with the card."
Librarian: "I am worried about all the other children she is taking pictures of."
Neen:  "What children?"
Librarian:  "These right here!"
Neen:  "It is OK they are all my children, I give permission to have their pictures taken."
Librarian:  "Oh, they are all WITH you.  As long as you are sure that their parents are ok with it then I guess you can take the pictures."
Neen:  "Oh I AM their parent and I give permission."
Librarian:  "No I mean the other children with you."
Neen:  "What other children, THEY ARE ALL MINE!  I HAVE 11 CHILDREN!!   YOU ARE ONLY SEEING 8 OF THEM.  The one taking the picture is my daughter that I asked to take pictures of her younger brother getting his library card.  The rest of these children are his sibling.  Do I need to see this "new picture taking policy" in writing or sign a permission to take pictures of my OWN children in a public library?"
Librarian:  "OH just be careful not to take my picture."
Neen:  "Wouldn't dream of it."

In spite of all that, our crazy pictures, Jumba got his library card.  He was so proud.  Now off to find the books.

They all enjoy this.  I really need to be better at going each week.  It is good for several reasons.  When you have several children it becomes easier to stay at home and go get the books for them.  Then they don't learn how to behave in public.  This is a simple, safe environment in which to teach and learn these basic social skills.
The kids also learn to be responsible, they must keep track of the books they pick.  They learn to prioritize their picks, each person only gets 5 books each week.

I love that Sugar wanted to enjoy that time as well.  They learn to help each other.
So our first adventure for this school year was a success.  Congrats to Jumba on his new card.


  1. That is so funny--I love shocking people....should have taken her picture just to bug her (heee heee)

  2. Good lawd...everything really is bigger in TX...I've never seen a library that big! Good thing too for you super sweet, super-sized family! LOL

    Congrats to Jumba on the library card. We too do a library card ritual...our's is "when you start kindergarten". Getting ready to take Benjamin next week. He can't wait.

    Oh, and I totally snapped pics of Mary signing her name...getting the card. No one said a word. Must be one of the benefits of small-town living. (And I only have 3 kiddos so they know them all!) Our little library, has a little (petite) librarian, and she loves on my kids all the time. Bureaucracy...sheesh!

    Glad you stood your ground!


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