Sunday, December 20, 2015

Thanks for Memories and Friends, Northampton

The kids were having a hard time with us leaving Northampton. We all knew we were going somewhere that we would thrive but still saying goodbye can be hard.  We have made so many friends in this neighborhood.  My kiddos did not want to ignore that.  To celebrate what the neighborhood has meant to the T family the kiddos planned a party.  I was still very sore from my fall in the shower,ad felling very gross because of not showering.  J and I really didn't want to have the party.  In the end we learned that our kids know better than us sometimes.  It was a very nice afternoon.  We got a chance to chat with our friends and thank them for their love and support over the years.  

We are so blessed to have had these wonderful people as neighbors.  We will miss you all very much!

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  1. Many blessings on you and your beautiful family in your new home!


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