Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve In New home

So we made, here we are!  It felt like this celebration was so much more for our family than Christmas only.  It was our new beginnings.  We have been rescued by the birth of Christ and having this as our deadline to move and settle was actually perfect.  I believe that this new home will be a wonderful new start for our family.  We were not doing bad before but a change in location can change attitudes.  Now we are a little more empowered.  We even managed to get a few decorations up outside.  We all love to decorate for Christmas and this year it might have been sparse but it got done and we planned to enjoy it.

Sugar made sure we had the Christmas cookies to leave out for Santa.

We ate our yummy Chuy's Fajita dinner and then the kids like to exchange their "Secret Santa" gifts, their gifts to each other and those from relatives.
Look at generous those kids are to each other.  They love getting gives for each other and watch each other open them.
Our evening started with Pooker's gifts.  She changed first into her pajamas and then started passing out her gifts.  

We all had to go change into the pajamas she gave to us.
Then Kat and came by, like all Christmas and spent an hour or so with us before she and her family headed to Christmas Eve Mass.

The T family love watching the kids open their gifts to each other.  They always bring a gift for their God Daughter Twin Adorable and her side kick Twin Beautiful.

It is always good to have T man sitting with us for awhile.

Mr. T, Twin Beautiful, Twin Adorable with Kat.

The fun goes on and on as they delight in sharing gifts with each other.

The twins made sure we stayed on track, singing to Baby Jesus.

One more gift for each person was passed out at the very end of the night.  These were identical gifts for each person from Goobers.  After we opened them,  an all out nerf war broke out.  The kids, J and I "fought" way into the night.  The kids hid every where in our new home.  Boxes, the Christmas tree, and new furniture were all part of the game.  The silly boys even jumped out a window.  I wonder what the new neighbors will think.

After the kiddos headed to bed I went back to work as Santa's helper.  I have never been so tired but so full of joy!

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