Thursday, December 24, 2015

My Amazing Offspring

So we moved in yesterday.  Dad and I slept quickly and then got up to return the truck.  We needed to help Santa prepare for Christmas gifts, find - purchase - bring home living room furniture, and get the food needed for our usual Christmas celebration.  Remember J and I promised the kids that we would not ruin our family Christmas traditions because of the move so we were working hard to live up to our promises.  We came home that day exhausted and expected to find complete chaos.  In stead we found that the kids had worked extremely hard.

So we would have lots of laundry to do, it might take months to find things and create a more usable place for things but they had done the impossible.  We could leave the next morning to find one or two more gifts and to Christmas food shop knowing that the living room, kitchen, and dinning room had order.  We most defiantly would enjoy a normal (ISH) Christmas.  Amazing job!  This was the perfect gift for dad and I. We wanted this home for the space it would allow for family time.  The kids made sure that just 3 days after a move we could have a Christmas of our dreams.  The tree was a bit iffy.  It was a left over at Walmart that we got for a few bucks but the twins were thrilled with it. We could not ask for more.

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