Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Home Is Ours

Does everyone drive their life possessions with them to the signing of a new house.  We could have waited one more day to move but we wanted Christmas.  We would not forgo a real Christmas for a new house.  That would not have been fair to the kids.  So we drove that big old truck and our kids finished everything else up, including the final cleaning of the rental.  While we signed everyone else ate and waited.  
We waited a very long time.  As it turned out our phone wasn't working.  So we sat there longer than we needed to.  The purchase was funded, we got the keys and off to the house we went.

"Sold" yep, we bought it!
Then the fun began - we waited for Pickle who was lost in the neighborhood.  We wanted to enter the house together.   Not so that dad could carry mom over the threshold - that would be silly.  We wanted to say our prayers together before entering the new house.  

 Everyone was doing ok even the fish!
When we finally got everyone together it was time to give thanks and ask for blessings.

 In we go!

 In the end we all worked hard but enjoyed the company of all of our friends.  I had lost my wedding ring after breaking that finger the week before and it turned up as we unpacked items.  I am so thankful.

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