Monday, December 21, 2015

Moving Shows You All Of Your Blessings

After all the work was finished with moving out, our stuff was all packed away in a storage unit, and two neighbors garages, and we were tucked nicely into a rental home the reality set in.  That crazy house on Hickorycrest was no longer ours.  In some ways I think that this time was good.

The kids got a chance to mourn the loss of the house.  Mourn is a strong word but appropriate in a way.  We did not yet have the new place so there was not the excitement of the new.  Instead we had to deal with the loss.  The kids went by and saw the lock change and were upset.  I am still happy that we are done with that place.  Look even the back door was in desperate need of a paint job.  To me that house was being trapped by life in a place we didn't want to be.  That two year stop lasted 13 years.  To the kids they had to say goodbye to so many memories of their childhood.  I know that eventually we will remember the good stuff and laugh at the bad stuff.  Too soon for that now.  The plumbing alone was beyond bothersome.  Some day we will have hot water and strong pressure again.

We were so thankful that as we were trying to get out and get stuff done, Mrs. W came by with a warm meal.  Yummy!

I will say this over and over again.  We are doing ok through out this house to house ordeal because we have the help and love of so many friends.

We have stuff in P family's garage, we are staying the L family's empty rental home, the T family brought us boxes and helped Kat helped us back up one day, the B family helped us pack and brought us pizza the first night of packing, the H family brought us warm meal when the temperature dropped and the L family brought by hot breakfast one morning.

How blessed are we?  Well beyond words!

Thank You God for each of these wonderful families and please don't ever let us loose them as friends.

This was a long week but still one that we don't want to forget.  It is a week that I am most thankful for and one that I am even more thankful it is over.

Even though we seamed to be a moving mess with us, the kids were still the best.
The kids make life fun.  Even moving!  I am so blessed with my friends and my family.  Thank you all to all those that are my friends.

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