Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Loading the Truck

I am pretty proud of my driving skills.  The truck even had air brakes.  It took a few minutes to get used to them but I did.  Maybe it was being "homeless" or without a nice hot shower, I was ready to move on.

Bagel was almost as surprised as I was that I could do it.  But now the work begins  . . .

So many young people, our friends turned up today to work.  They worked hard.  We are eternally grateful!  This picture represents a real turning point in our lives.  We are moving on to a newer home and hopefully a newer more positive perspective.  At the moment of capturing this picture I was a mess.  I had not showered that morning, I had been lifting and directing,  I had driven that huge moving truck.  I was still in pain from my fall the week before.  My left hand was almost useless with two broken fingers.  My knee ached with each step.  Yet this picture is full of people that helped us.  My kids, their friends, our friends are all I see and all I remember from that moment.  Once again I am taken to the point of physical collapse so that God can fill me up His love.  Here it came in the form of helping hands from dear friends and my precious family.  At this moment I knew that even if we showed up at closing and something had gone wrong - all would be ok.  Even without a home, or my physical abilities I had everything.  Thank you God!

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