Saturday, December 5, 2015

Goodbye Lucky

Our big black dog spent the night coughing and gaging.  She had never done this before and J took her into the vet the next morning.  The vet discovered a large growth in her throat.  We were told that it might be cancer and it might not be.  The biopsy to determine would need full anesthesia at her age that might be way too much for her system.  Dad made the very difficult decision to let the dog go.  She was 10 plus years old and that is old for a dog her size.  She also battle with hip issues every few months because of her size.  We didn't want her to suffer.

Lucky was a wonderful dog for this family.  J rescued her from the side of the road.  Even from meeting her she was patient and kind to the children.  I was worried at first that she would show her teeth to the kids and then we would need to let her go because she was so big, she could have hurt someone with one bite.  She NEVER bite at anyone  She never even growled.  Lucky was a wonderful family pet and took great care of the kids.  Thank you for your great service Lucky.  We love you and will miss you!

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  1. . May God strenghten you today. Sorry for your loss. They are one of God's favorite.


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