Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Moving Work Never Seams to End

It is endless . . . Day after day of packing, pitching and lifting.  Then you look around and it looks like nothing was done.  UGH!  We are so thankful for Kat and the B kiddos.  All that help was more than we ever could have asked for and yet we would not have been finished by our deadline with out.
 Bear got sick of walking up and down the stairs so he opened windows and started throwing.
  I might have stopped him if I wasn't so tired.  I completely understood where Bear was coming from, and it got the job done.

 At some point during the day of the 15th I had taken Dad to the airport.  He had to be in Mexico for work for two days.  It was up to mom and the kids to clean out the house entirely by that last day.
We also need to thank the B family for sending pizza.  I don't think we would have taken a break to eat if you had not surprised us with this treat.  To be honest I don't think Pizza ever tasted so good either.

We were all that tired.  I only wish we could have crashed like that too.

We had stuff every where.  13 years in one home with 11 kids and 2 pack rat parents meant lots of junk to sort.

If fact our storage unit was full.  The rest went across the street to the P family garage.  We are so thankful they allowed us to do that.  We were able to plug in out refrigerator and freezer so we didn't have to throw out food.  Selling of the old house went well buying of the new house hit some snags.  We were homeless for a week. Not really, the L family had an empty rental home that they allowed us to crash in each night.  We also packed their garage full of our stuff as well.  

Without good friends I am afraid we would have not made it through this week.  I just hope we get this done tomorrow.  I did prepare to be flexible knowing that it would be an emotional day for the kids as well.  I think moving into a rental for one week was really good.  It gave us time to say goodbye before mixing in the new emotions of where we were headed.

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