Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Good Bye Hickorycrest

The day started with breakfast at Chick-Fil-A.  We needed food if we would survive this crazy day!  I first went to the house to shower (no gas in the rental and I needed a hot shower.)  Sadly I fell while in the shower - I was reaching for items hiding in the high window.  I broke a finger, maybe two.  I twisted my knee badly and I knew I would have a huge bruise on my back side.  I wasn't sure how I could get through the day without J.  The kids turned a very bad start into a beautiful day.  I may have moved slowly and been in a ton of pain but they were always there to help and with a smile on their faces.

Then the real work of getting it done.  We put stuff everywhere.  The cars were packed beyond packed,  trips were made to the neighbors garage and to the rental home, and trash was deposited at the curb.  The biggest part of the day was the pausing to remember when . . .

We found it most hard to leave our next door neighbor.  Mr. KP (as we call him) has been a source of knowledge, love and support from day one of us moving in.  God blessed us in sending us such great neighbor.

Climbing on the house to make sure we didn't leave any frisbees on top was a must for just about everyone.

Goobers got out of some of the work today as she had to go to her real job.  We waited until she got there so we could take a few last family pictures and to officially break the broom.

Do you remember when . . . ?   It was sad that dad was not with us today.

So the saying goes that you can never bring an old broom with you to a new house.  If you do you will bring your troubles with you.  So once we all gathered and swept the piles up we then had to break our brooms and leave them at the doorstep. This really reminds me of my Aunt MamiBit.  She would always show up at the next place with a new broom and new dustpan to offer many blessing on you in the next home.  I missed her a lot as I thought of needing to buy myself a new broom.  It is funny how family traditions and silly superstitions tie us together with past generations.  We are not into superstitious things at all and Bear even told me that I was being ridiculous.  I couldn't keep the brooms.  Not because I really believe that all the bad luck from the last house would follow us but because it was so tied to my family and my past.  It was fun to carry on these traditions and teach my kiddos.

Pooker made sure to capture the moment of us locking the door and leaving.  We had wanted to be out by 3 pm and it ended up being more like 6 pm.  That gave Goobers a chance to join in our goodbyes so all was good.  Sadly we did it without Dad; but he was there in our "remember whens" and our thoughts.  We thanked God for having provided us a good home and safe place.  
Now to the next adventure.

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