Saturday, December 19, 2015

Annual Neighborhood Breakfast With Santa

As soon as we moved into the neighborhood 13 years ago we felt lost and alone.  We were 700 miles from home. The neighborhood hosted a Breakfast with Santa.  We ventured out and this started to help us to feel normal.  Every year we go.  It is or family tradition.  Even though we were homeless, we are homeless inside the same neighborhood.  We had to go.  It gave us normal again.

The cool part is that Pooker was working.  She was able to convince her supervisor to stop by to visit Santa as well.  We were blessed that for that short time there were no emergencies.Doesn't our pooker look cool in her uniform.

Twin Beautiful was brave enough to sit and chat with Santa.
Eventually Twin Adorable would as well, but just for a second.  

Honestly we will miss this in Northampton.  We were blessed to be able to continue this each year.  Our lives have changed so much from that first year God is so good to us.  We have felt the love in this simple yearly visit with St. Nick.

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