Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bear at Benedictine College

Dad and I are super proud of our Bear! He found out that he was accepted into Benedictine College this week. He didn't get a welcome letter but a very personal phone call from the gentlemen who took us on a tour back in July. If all goes according to current plans he will enroll for the Fall 2016 semester, as a junior -depending on how many credits actually transfer. This is a wonderful school and we could not be prouder.

Bear had been considering the priesthood.  He spends numerous hours in adoration each week.  I know he is making the decision that he feels is right for him and for the right reasons.  The rest of us are so happy for him but we are wondering how our family will change.  Pooker went away to school but that school was still in town.  Goobers is also planning to go away the same semester as Bear.   Things will be different.  The norm will change but I trust it will be good.  Bear is making a wonderful choice and the school was happy to welcome him.  Now to work on scholarships.

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