Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our Day in New Orleans

The first person we met that Monday on the elevator of our hotel greeted us with "Happy Lundi Gras!" Fat Monday was here and so was the day of the Orpheus's Parade! J had to check in. I still am taken back when I peak into that room and see those huge floats, so beautifully colored, and beads everywhere just waiting to be loaded and then thrown at the revelers. (New word- it refers to the people that come to carnival and make merry watching the parades.)
After a lunch of Gumbo and Po Boy sandwiches J was off to ready for the parade. I ventured into the French Market to enjoy New Orleans. This group walking along the river front were members of the Zulu Krewe. I am still trying to learn more about them, they have tons of traditions.
Saint Louis Cathedral is a beautiful reminder that many member of this city are from a Catholic heritage.
The other thing that was being celebrated everywhere this year was the Saints victory at the Superbowl the weekend before. These were some very proud fans.
The name of the cross street was Ursuline. Having gone to a school run by the Ursuline order I take great pride in their history. They were educating young girls here in American before many in the world thought it was possible for girls to learn or that there was any value in it. These young woman went on the develop the city of New Orleans, and the other cities where the Ursuline nun's built schools, like St. Louis. This street bears the orders name because the convent and school are up a few books.
I don't know what I will see when I visit this city but I do love the food and the people. To all my friends from the area I thank you for sharing your city with me.

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