Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Turkish Delight Would Not Tempt The T Family

I love that when we homeschool we can get creative in how we celebrate the completion of something. As you might recall we are diving into the Chronicles of Narnia to kick off this school session. The books seam to be dominating our studies right now. After a month of reading I am still impressed with where we are going and where we have begun. Each child is creating a Narnia notebook. In just one month we finished two books and have written book reports and everything. This past month has been one that reminds me why I love homeschooling.
When you dive into a book in a homeschool classroom you can allow it to take over your life. We all began to crave Turkish Delight as we read the latest book. We had no idea what Turkish Delight was. When we finished the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe we wanted to celebrate by trying some of this treat that tempted Edmund. In the Disney version of the Movie the treat looks so yummy.
We didn't find the same joy from this treat that Edmund seamed to find. We are open to the fact that our Turkish Delight was a cheap version we found at the store but not knowing what it was made creating it from scratch an impossibility.

This experiment went so badly that I don't know if we will ever try it again. Maybe if we happen upon is in a bakery or something like that. As we nibbled our pieces we all thought the same thing. We would never sell out our siblings for this junk.

If you have had good Turkish Delight and find it to be at all tempting, let us know please. I will be reading the books again in a few years with the younger children and maybe then we will find the treat to be just that.

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