Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Linda's Birthday

Friday was Linda's birthday. I miss this friend so much more than I thought I would. She was the person that would just stop by when I needed her to. I forgot how often that was. Her husband Larry made sure that the Mass at their parish was in her honor. He saw that the Blessed Mother and the alter were all adorned with flowers. He also invited all of her friends to join him and the children for this short daily Mass.It was a cold morning and a packed little chapel. I don't know how many were there for Linda and how many were regulars. It was so beautiful with the priest inviting us to say our own intentions. Larry cried as his intention was one of thanking God for the years of marriage and the wonderful life of Linda.

I was so joyful through the Mass. I could feel Linda there with us. She loved her family almost as much as she loved her faith. Her children held their heads high as the Mass went on. I was OK until the ending song was sung, Linda's favorite: "Joyful, joyful!" We left Mass, put our birthday wishes on balloons and then let them float to heaven.
We are all so JOYFUL that she is heaven enjoying the afterlife. We are also so sad here on earth missing her so much it hurts.
We love you Linda, Happy Birthday.
I hope that you cake was wonderful this

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