Friday, February 12, 2010

Who Dat

After moving to Houston I have become friends with many New Orleans transplants. I love each of them dearly. I feel a fondness as I grew up in St. Louis. Both of these fine cities were established by the French after the discovery of Americas. Both officially joined the United States with the Louisiana Purchase. My grandmother had lived in New Orleans for awhile while she was growing up. Her father was an engineer that worked on the levels that line the Mississippi river. She often spoke as if she born there and was taken away in her teens, in reality we think they lived there for maybe 6 years and she was between 3 and 9. She spoke of New Orleans and her Southern roots with great pride. After meeting other woman that lived there and moved away I have come to appreciate that it is something that is worthy and unique enough to create this pride. Sometimes it doesn't matter why we are having a party but we enjoy each other's company.
Goobers and Bear took care of preparing most of the food. Thanks guys! You did a great job.
I admit that I still don't understand why the "Who Dat" phrase but when with my friends I smile when I hear it. Superbowl traditions for our family mean that my kiddos set up a huge bet, each picking a side, boys vs girls. This year the girls picked the Colts. I just couldn't. I don't know if it was my Mommom coming out in me or if I was just being loyal to all my new friends. I stayed out of the bet this year. It also means that we make some Superbowl foods. This year Bear decided he wanted Deviled eggs. So he made them himself. They were delicious. The food was wonderful as always. We had a real party going on. I still don't understand the fascination with the "Who Dat Nation" as they are called but I am so happy that the Saint won this year. I did hear that New Orleans was having the coldest winter in years. It was actually freezing at times. So I don't know if hell froze over or what but the Saints won the Superbowl. Now the girls must buy the boys sodas from Sonic sometime in the near future.

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