Wednesday, February 17, 2010

RV Dreams

Last summer in the middle of the heat we had a crazy idea. We were wondering how we could get out of Houston when the heat is too much without it costing us an arm and a leg. We stumbled on the idea of buying an RV. We have had friends leave town when hurricanes come, and others live in those RV's when the power is out for three weeks at a time.
Last summer it was just an idea. The idea grew into a dream as we started talking to the family about the idea. They all liked the thought of it. As the months went on we continued to learn what we could, talk to our friends that have RVs and dream.
I began to follow the lives of a few families that link to a web site of families that travel by RV and some are full time. Families on the Road has been a constant interest of ours since last summer. We even read about a family with 11 children on the road.
We don't want to be full time. We are planning to keep our "stick" house as the RVers call your traditional home. We will just go out on what ever kind of shorter trips dad's work will allow. He does work from home. His office can sometimes be on the road as long as we are parked during his work week.
I must tell you that for a home schooling momma the idea of being able to show my children America in person to experience her History and her people is just so exciting to think about.

We all have a lot to learn and some money to save before we can take our dream to the reality level. The Houston RV show was just what we needed to help direct us to reach our goals.

The kiddos, and us parents, were very overwhelmed with all that is available in an RV these days. We are hopeful that we can see our country at a reasonable cost.
We had the best time looking at the RVs. Jumba walked out of the first RV in Pooker's arms and said, "That is a house but it has wheels. I want one."
We learned that we would really like an outside cook station.

The automatic awning is so cool.

We know it will be tight quarters but we also know that the family will grow closer as we venture out into America.

Pickle liked practicing turning the couches into beds.

Pooker, Goobers and Moogie enjoyed practicing enjoying the couch.

We could never fit everyone in a driving unit but they are pretty cool.

RV's were never ending. We walked and walked, and looked and looked, and dreamed and dreamed.

Yogi Bear was there to talk with the children about his parks.

Dad tried the tub. That is one big drawback. 11 people and only one potty and one shower.
Jumba loved running in and out of all the "houses".

Moogie fit into the tub better than Dad.

Pickle and dad debated kitchens, as they are our cooks.

There were over 600 RV's to look at.

Jumba was worn out.

After a little rest he wanted to drive away.

My sweet little boy just wanted some love after all the excitement of the day!

So many things to see.

My goofy boys played around the entrance sign while dad got the car.

The conversation out to our suburb was interesting. Everyone agreed that we must make this dream a reality.
We sat at a small little pizza place and discussed our options.
I can't tell you when we will make this happen. I can't tell you what we will end up getting. I can't tell you where we will go. I CAN tell you that this dream now belongs to every member of the family and we are now working to make it a reality!

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