Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Meal Prep Resolution Update

One month has passed since I started trying to be better at planning meals. We have had meat loaf 2 times so I can't say that I have been very creative. Pooker, Goobers, and Bear all make their own versions of sweet and spicy meat loafs. They are good. We have done a pretty good job of knowing what we are fixing before 4 pm. The Teens and I are trying to create a usable schedule.
We like to eat, we like the time together and we are trying to plan more. My goal for February is to have a written plan for the month with the help from the Teens and to finish my creation of a pre-written list bast on what we normally need. I would like to print a pre-listed copy off and let it sit on the fridge to be checked when it is needed. One issue that we have is that it is hard to change the reigns of who makes dinner. I still want my computer time and dad wants to eat what he plans. So still some compromising but all is going well.

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