Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bread of Life Valentine Party

The Bread of Life Homeschool group gets together at the park around Valentine day to exchange our Valentines with each other.

We break the kiddos into groups and in an organized chaotic fashion play mailbox.
This is often mentioned as one of the activities that people worry about when we tell them that we homeschool.
Apparently Valentine Exchanges are a rite of passage that some find to be a necessary part of growing up. Our kids share more Valentines than their peers in traditional school. We can also add treats because we all know each other. These are some happy faces!

I don't know who was taking this picture but I bet it was cute from the front.
Here is Jumba trying to enjoy a treat that he was given in his box.
Princess and Bagel enjoyed looking at how other people decorated their boxes.
We make our own Valentine. This year the kids used a Toy Story Theme.

Jumba loved playing with Bear.

Pickle is getting too cool for so many of these activities.
OK maybe not, here Sugar made Bagel help her because she was too old.
I enjoyed time with my friends as well. I always enjoy time with Mrs. V and Mrs. W.

Moogie is on the go to play with her friends.
These guys know how to have fun.
They all loved the play time.
If you can tell from this picture of the moms chatting. I have a new shorter hair style. Not sure if I like it. The good news is that my hair grows quickly.
When everyone is forced to go home they are comforted by all the happy notes that they just got from their friends.
I am glad that we get this time to play and share Valentines like the regular school kids do.

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  1. You guys always look like you have so much fun!!!!


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