Saturday, September 15, 2012

They Passed the Test

Nanny and Gramps got into town tonight.  They flew in around dinner time so we all met at our favorite Mexican Restaurant, Chuys.  The kids could not wait to hug and kiss on their grandparents and to show off their newest siblings.  The kids all remember that Nanny loves the baby stage.  She enjoys singing to  them and getting them to settle down for the night.  That is just what happened.  

Gramps is getting Beautiful to fall asleep.
Nanny is cuddling with Adorable.

Those are some handsome men.

Beautiful - Adorable
The twins passed the test.  Nanny and Gramps fell in love with them just like we did.  I guess it is official we will be keeping them.  Here the twins are all settled after getting home and changing for bed.  Soon they are all off in dream land looking forward to another day with Nanny and Gramps full of  hugs and kisses.  There is nothing better than the relationship between a person and their grandparent.  J and I both had special bonds with a grandparent.  J with Nanny's mom, his Papa and me with Mimi's mom, Mommom.  We love that Nanny and Gramps take the time and money to visit and spend time with the kiddos.

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  1. Grandparent visits are the best! I love to watch my parents interact with my children...they are so much more laid back...then they were as my parents! I can't wait (well, maybe I can) to get to that stage of life!

    Enjoy the visit!!!


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