Saturday, September 8, 2012

Homeschool First Friday Park Time

Our homeschool group always starts the year off with a wonderful celebration on the First Friday of September.  We go to Mass and then meet up at the park.  I missed getting pictures this year but the tradition is that they set out cupcakes in the shape of the Rosary and the group sings happy birthday to the Blessed Mother.  It is so powerful to see 50 (or so)  kids praying together. The kids love to see each other again, they reunite after hiding inside all summer long.  The moms equally enjoy having the time to sit and chat.  We catch up on each others kids, make a few plans for the school year, and get ideas from each other.  Fun times all around.  I am sharing pictures of friends but not really of my own kiddos.  Sugar got some great shots but few of our own family.  



Possible with friends

Bagel with J

Thank you God for all these great friends!


  1. I think it's wonderful that you have such a supportive network to support you in your homeschooling. I love the idea of the Rosary cupcake...a fun thing to do when you have so many kids...and cupcakes. It must be so nice to have that Catholic support!

  2. I stumbled onto this post today from my Facebook "memories" section. I can't believe the changes in both of our children during the last four years! I miss you, my friend. Jen H.

    1. I miss you too and your beautiful kiddos.


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