Monday, September 17, 2012

A Mini Golf Challenge

With Nanny and Gramps in town the challenge was set.  We thought it would be a bowling day but instead it turned into a mini-golf day.  Two teams were picked and off they went.

I like this picture above because it shows both teams at different holes.  The twins and I were hanging out in the shade waiting for them to get to us.

Sugar with Adorable

Pickle with Beautiful

Nanny and Adorable

Beautiful chillin with Gramps

It ended up being a warm afternoon.  That didn't damper the fun.  I am not sure which team one.  Gramps and dad will each tell you it was their team.  The scores were close though, I think it was within 7 points.


  1. I was scrolling thru the pics, I thought, "hmmm...looks kind of warm."! Not.even.kidding.

    Bless you guys on your wonderful family get together. I'm sure the grandparents are loving it!!!

  2. Oh how I lone miniature golf! Looks like your family had a great time. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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