Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Little TW-INteraction

We have all watched the twins from the beginning expecting to see something different.  We have been waiting to see the twin interaction.  In fact it has become an obsession of ours to witness some kind of twin communication.  We have taken a few shots of them kind of looking at each other and we have lots of pictures of the two touching and sleeping near each other.  This was a moment that we were blessed enough to capture on our cell phone camera and most of us got to see it.  The twins are starting to talk to us more and more.  Dad held Beautiful above Adorable in a moment when both were awake a "talking".  The two babies' eyes met, they smiled and started cooing to each other.  It was so cool to watch them chat and giggle at each other for a few minutes.     

I wish we could have captured more of the smiles.  It was an adorable moment.  I am so thankful to see it and I look forward to more and more witnesses to this twin connection.

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