Tuesday, September 18, 2012

An evening with Grandparents

After being in the hot sun during the afternoon we headed to Nanny and Gramps hotel where the younger kids enjoyed a swim while the older ones enjoyed having time chatting with their Nanny.

After swimming we sit J out to get dinner of pizza and wings.  The rest of us sat with Nanny and Gramps while they shared their pictures from their trip to Europe.  They shared family secrets and history that they had discovered.  .   .  Oh and there was also lots of baby time.

Gramps with Beautiful

Nanny with Adorable

Nanny with Adorable

Gramps with Adorable

Nanny with Beautiful

Gramps with Beautiful on Left and Adorable on right (when looking at picture.)

Nanny with Beautiful on viewers left and Adorable on right.  
We had a great visit with grandparents.  They had to go home way too soon.  Thanks for a great visit!

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