Saturday, June 18, 2016

Divisional Swim Meet - Go Otters

So this guy swam very fast at divisional and qualified for the fastest invitation known as Ponderosa.  Only Possible had qualified until this point.  Zumba was so excited that he even on a retreat Possible called to congratulate him after his great swim.  I love these wonderful sibling moments.  

It was so weird only have two kids in the pool this time.  We even missed an event because our time line was so off.  We missed the other kids.   

Swimmers would catch Ollie the Otter and ask for pictures.

Yep second place!  We did great!  This is after moving "up" two divisions this past year as well.  These swimmers swam their hearts out for the coaches and themselves.  (Some believe that if Possible, Pickle and Princess were not gone that we would have won the whole thing.)  All I know is that it was a great year.  

2nd place winners, YEAH!!!!

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