Sunday, June 19, 2016

STEUBY Lone Star Style

The big girls came to see them off.  
Here the kids are posing with Chris Stefanick.  He is an international Catholic speaker that has come to STAOP several times over the years.  I spoke with him one time about having 11 kids.  Since then various kiddos run into him at events such at this conference, and ask if he remembers me.  I assure he does not but he always pretends to.

I have no idea why they are all laughing but I can only imagine.  My crazy catholic kiddos.  They all enjoyed listening to Mr. Stefanick speak again.  They enjoyed this wonderful conference, learning about their faith the entire time.

STAOP sent a large group, heck I sent a large portion of my own family.  What a great time!  

My kiddos and and a few of the B family kiddos got to celebrate their faith together.  I love these kiddos.  
Way to go Texas!

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