Sunday, June 26, 2016

Post Season Invitational Swim Meets

It means that you are a fast swimmer if you are invited to swim at All Star meet and that you are one of the very fastest if you are invited to swim at the Ponderosa

Meet. Miss Brenda visited from St. Louis to see this even, the W family came to cheer the kids on.  This is always on one of the hottest weekends of the summer.  It is also one of the craziest and busiest for us as a family with five competitive simmers and two coaches. The kids swam really well.  Possible even broke a team record in her very closely. The pictures were taken over two days.  They are from several cameras.  It is impossible to create a picture timeline.  I want to share all these photos for us to enjoy later.  The kids even got to meet an olympic swimmer.  He posed for pictures for two days and also passed out the awards at the end of then night both nights at All Stars.  Zumba asked if he wanted to trade his medal for the gold medal that Mr. Keller was letting the kids hold.  He said, "no".  Here is the first line about him form wikipedia: "Klete D. Keller (born March 21, 1982) is an American former competition swimmer who won medals at the 2000 Summer Olympics and the 2004 Summer Olympics"   
I can't even begin to label each shot and yet I didn't want to miss all the fun poses, friends, siblings that are cheering them on along with other fans.  So many great picture moments.  Just enjoy or skip to the end if you don't like all the pictures.  


If I repeated a picture i apologize.  I am just so proud of these kids.  (I am also glad that the season is over!!!)

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