Thursday, June 2, 2016

Visiting Sam Houston

Goobers has spent some time thinking about where she really wanted to go to school to finish her undergrad.  She was beginning to feel like she was not being called to leave the area and the family.  Pooker may have been encouraging her to stay as well ( it is hard to find a great room mate). She went ahead a applied to a school that was school but not in Houston, it is north in Huntsville.    

She applied and got in and then we took a tour.  It was a very rainy afternoon.  I enjoyed the time with the girls.  

The campus is beautiful.
Who knows?  Sam Houston State University might just be her school of choice.
She looks really happy here too.

So this pretty young thing needs to make a major decision.  She wanted to go to Lindenwood also.  I am super proud of her and suspect she will make her decision soon.

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