Saturday, June 11, 2016

Otters Vs Spring Creek Oaks

Who does pickle think he is?  Another coach???

This guy here is the biggest fan a kid could ever have.  He is there for the kids non stop.  He loves to watch them compete and to swim their hearts out.
Jumba sneaking a little water to cool himself off.
Alright Beautiful you are looking hot, keep smiling.
WE never get in the water but we work hard and cheering for everyone.

Bagel is ready for take off.

This young lady makes it look easy.  She rocks the flip turn even though she was worried about it all year.
Go Bagel Go!

Zumba getting ready for another swim.
Love those faces Adorable.

Great form Pickle.

Someone was trying to hide from the sun behind the bleachers.  Not really working it is Adorable.

I love this big family fun!  We love having Bear and Sugar as our coaches.

Bear loved that we followed him to this team.  Half way through our second year we are thrilled as well.

I love these coaches.  Sugar had a good season.  She and Coach Taylor became good friends.

We won this one, YEAH!  Otters: 925 to Dolphins: 473

These outdoor meets in the heat wipe everyone out.  The ride home was nap time for the little ones. 
They are such good fans, cheering their siblings on with all they have.

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