Monday, June 27, 2016

New Record

I had to make this it's own post.  I am so proud of this young lady, we all are.  Her swim goal for this year was simple.  She wanted to break a team record and for the first time have her name on the team record board.  We were on the second day and so time was running out.  Possible has a beautiful Breast Stoke and had qualified for Ponderosa.  Meaning she was one of the fast ones already.  During her swim she came in 9th, but it still wasn't fast enough to break the record.  That means that she would not be swimming in the finals but would get one more time to swim in the consolation bracket.  For the record, it didn't matter how fast she would swim - she still couldn't place higher than 9th.  This crazy young woman bought herself a very any racing swim suit and talked herself into swimming the best swim of her life.  When she tagged the wall she knew.  She looked up and looked at the time, we all knew.  She smoked the girls racing against her but that didn't matter it was about the record.  She had made it!! Possible got out of the water and jumped up and down, she cheered herself up to her coaches and then all the way to her dad.  The girls that were swimming next were watching her like, "Doesn't she know she is in the consolation bracket and can't beat us!"  She didn't care, that wasn't her goal, her goal was to break the record.  I am so proud of this young woman1!!

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