Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sugar Epi'd Pickle

. . . but not on purpose.  What?  You ask - well I will explain to the best of my ability. 

Waiting in traffic because of a major accident was not a good way home.  The swimmers were very tired from the early morning practice. Coach Sugar was driving them home and trying to stay awake.It got difficult as they got into the second hour of a complete stand still on the major highway. No where to go and everyone was snoring.  She needed to wake herself up so she started playing around.

So much heat, so many cars, and lots of snoring.

We all know that Sugar keeps several epi pens close by in case of one of her many allergic reactions. She practices with the testers all the time. We even have the twins practice with the testers.  It is a scary thing to be so allergic and so reliable on the epinephrine to keep her going during an reaction.  As mom I often correct them for "playing" with the testers, to me it is just too serious. Sugar, while trying to keep her siblings awake while they wait for the traffic to open up starts "playing" with the tester.  To her demise Pickle kept sleeping.  She jokingly grabbed the tester and pretended to "EPI" Pickle.  She touched the shot injector to his chest, and yelled, "EPI!".  She thought this was funny and it woke him up.
Pickle was startled but complained that it hurt.  They looked down and noticed that it was the actual shot and NOT the tester.  Poor pickle.  He was fine, just a tad bit of extra energy.  The injected could only have put a little medicine in him because it wasn't to his skin that long.  They arrived home knowing that I was going to be super angry with Sugar - SHE KNOWS BETTER.  I was told over and over again that it was an accident.  (As mom I know that but I also know how lucky they were.)
The shot did not fully engage, he got a taste of the medicine but not even close to a full dose.  I was concerned that it was in his chest but it didn't go deep.  Thank goodness.  We all giggled that Pickle felt that he must have been turned into a superhero because of all that power he felt after wards. Silly kids.  They keep me on my knees all the time, even when they play.

On a completely different note:  Please offer a prayer for the soul lost, they were trapped on the highway for so long because of a fatal accident.  May the soul of the accident victim rest in peace!

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