Sunday, June 26, 2016

Why Do We Even Do SwimTeam?

After one of the longest weeks of the year, we grabbed a late night dinner at What A Burger.  Not really the food of champions and yet it was. I turned to our visiting friend Miss Brenda,who had planned her visit for this very week.  She wanted to see the kiddos excel in their swimming pursuits.  She was not disappointed.  As we sat down and our food eventually arrived I passed it out to everyone.  Someone didn't get their burger, so I gave them mine and waited for the other one to show up. I was hungry, frustrated and very tired from the entire week.  I started to say, "Why do we even do swim team? but then I looked up and saw why.  All my kiddos sitting there comparing notes, talking about the pro and cons of their own swims.  They were teasing each other.  They were complementing each other.  They were talking, sharing and interacting.  It was loud but awesome.  J and I are so blessed with this crazy crew.  We are so thankful for the opportunity that swim team has provided us over the years.  We share our wins, our losses, our personal triumphs with each other.  Swim has helped form our family into to being all that it can be.   

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