Thursday, August 21, 2008

More prayers for Baby Khloe'

Months ago I asked you all to pray for a friend of ours, Sweet Baby Khloe'

Please Pray for Baby Khloe' 2-11-08
Khloe's mom's 1:30p.m. update 2-11-08
Baby Khloe' is out of Surgery, Praise God! 2-11-08

Thanksgiving and Another Request for Baby Khloe' 3-15-08
Khloe' Update 2-22-08
Khloe' had her six month birthday recently. She is so adorable. Her mom says that she doesn't sleep much which has them very nervous. I got to hold Khloe' the other night during our Bread Of Life planning 2008-2009 school year planning meeting. She giggled and talked and was just adorable. We saw her at Mass the next morning and my heart surgery girl Moogie walked right up to the baby and started sharing stories.

Kiley, the mom, emailed the group on Monday morning asking for prayers for Khloe'. 8-18-08
I know Khloe' is perpetually on the prayer list, but I ask for special prayers for her today. She started a fever yesterday, so I brought her to the MD today. Usually I would never go for just a fever, but with her we are super proactive. They had to cath her to get urine and pick her finger to get blood (seemingly simple things compared to 9 hour open heart surgery), but it was soooo hard to watch. Especially with the boys watching too. It looks like it is just viral, no UTI, no elevated WBCs, so we will just watch her and make sure no other symptoms develop. It is so hard to know what to do and so hard not to worry it is something serious or with her heart. Please pray for my own faith and trust in God that he will help me to care for her. Thank you all so much!

Much love,


This another friend posted this message. 8-21-08
Please Pray right now for little Khloe.

She has been running a fever all week, crying constantly and arching
her back... inconsolable.

Kiley took her in again this morning and her Pedi. couldn't diagnose
her and was concerned when her blood count numbers were at alarming
rates. They picking up Ghaleb and are all going down to Texas
Children's for further testing.

Let's pray that whatever is wrong is quickly pinpointed and not

This is a fragile young woman. As strong and as cute as she might be her heart isn't as strong as other six month old babies and her body has trouble keeping her healthy. That makes a small infection or illness life threatening. I do not know how Khloe' is now (several hours from the original email). Please pray in earnest asking God to heal this little one and to help her family stay strong.

******Good news . . .Khloe' is on her way home. Khloe is on her way home now- with Roseola.
Praise God! ******

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