Sunday, August 24, 2008

Princess and her Birthday

Princess turned six on Tuesday. As with all royalty she began her day wondering what surprises and special treats her family had in store for her. She woke to streamers and balloons all over the down stairs. Those quickly became part of the mess so we cleaned up.

As she walked down the stairs and into her father's morning greeting, she asked, "You don't have to do chores on your birthday, right?" Dad asked what she meant and she replied with very specific duties and the person she decided could do them for her. She is royalty after all. The siblings giggled when they heard her plan. They felt it would not be different for her at all, considering she always backs out of chores.

She got to pick the meal. Hawaiian rolls, Caesar salad, green beans, and chicken strips were all on her menu. Yummy. Pooker got off work early just to join us for dinner. It was a real treat. Princess wore a crown and disappeared as we cleaned up the table. She magically reappeared when it was time to sing.

Happy 6Th birthday my big girl. You are beautiful inside and out! Mom and dad love you bunches and bunches and so do all your servants . .er . I mean siblings.
Check out all the bling on the birthday outfit sent by Nanney and Gramps! She loves it!

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