Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just a Few Pictures from the week

Pooker admires Beautiful

Goobers with Beautiful



Twin Adorable

Twin Beautiful
I was really bad at taking pictures this week.  It was a very hard week.  Going home but leaving babies at the hospital is something that you can't prepare for.  My body is not healing like it did in past pregnancies and I feel sick.  My legs and belly are still swollen and sore with fluid.  In that respect it is a small blessing that the Twins are being well cared for.   I am pumping my breast milk, but I am not even near babies when pumping so it feels very mechanical.  It is best for premie babies so I will continue but it adds to the odd emotions of the week.  Saturday The older kids had their swim meet and I stayed home and slept all morning into the afternoon.  We all rushed to hospital after swim to spend as much time with babies as we could.  Twin Adorable is now off IV and we were so hopeful that we could hug on her.  Possible was taking the first turn in holding her and her oxygen levels kept dropping.   She remained stable once we put her back in her crib, but that really was hard to see.  Poor Possible felt like it was her, it wasn't.  Adorable just can't handle all of that stimulation.  Twin Beautiful is much more accommodating.  We have all held her except for Pickle, who had a cold.  She is so tiny but really so strong.  Medically they are both doing great and making advances each day.  Thank you for reading our updates.  I am sure that the babies will be getting bigger and stronger all week.  I just ask that you continue to pray in thanksgiving for our health and request that the twins continue to mature so we can bring them home.


  1. I will continue to pray for you and them. I can only imagine how hard this must be. On one hand you must be so happy and relieved that they are doing well medically, but on the other hand it must be very sad that they are away from you. Remember the merit in suffering!! Keep strong :)

  2. Oh my goodness CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can't believe I missed the birth post!!! I hope you continue to get some good rest and healing. My brother and his wife had twins at 35 weeks and they were 3 and 4 lbs so you did a FANTASTIC job growing those beautiful babies!! I will keep you in my prayers during this tough time of being away from them :)

  3. Was this your first C-section? If so, the swelling will go down within a week or so. I always go home weighing more than when I came, they pump you full of fluids!!!

    It's so good you are getting rest. It helps to look at a picture of babies for pumping, if they are not with you. Now, I think, for me, after pumping for over 5 months, the sound of a pump would let my milk down!! (haha)

    Continued prayers they are able to eat on their own and can come home soon!!!

  4. I know this is so hard for you, Shannon! Just keep thinking about what an awesome job you did growing those big babies! I'm certain that is a blessing in and of itself.

    Yes, going home w/o babies, must be rough. Mary Catherine was tiny at birth (6lb 12 oz at full-term and down to 5lb 12oz at discharge) that she too struggled with maintaining body temperature. They were pretty adamant that they were going to keep her and release me and I was having none of it! Of course, in the end, I really wouldn't have had a choice now would I?!!! But I understand the emotions you are experiencing.

    And yes, pumping w/o babies with you is odd! Unfortunately, this is what many women experience b/c they work outside the home, but wish to provide breastmilk. I pumped the entire 1st year of Mary's life at a ClOSET! Crazy, but I wanted to do what as best for her. Jamie Jo's suggestion is spot on...having a picture helps with the let down!

    Will continue to keep you and the girls in my prayers. So many women just don't understand that c-section is major abdominal surgery!!! While sometimes the safest bet for babies (or mother depending on the situation) it comes with its own set of complications!

    I too struggled with healing...but for different reasons. Luke was my 3rd c-section and the slicing of previously scarred tissue meant for challenging healing...coupled with me being overweight. eeeegads!

    But this too will pass! It will take months for your body to fully recover, but in the coming weeks you should start to feel better. Enjoy that much needed're're gonna be a whole new version of busy when those babes get to come home!

    Email me if you have any c-section post-op questions or long-term pumping questions.

    Hugs and love,


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