Friday, February 22, 2008

Khloe' Update

So many of you have asked for an update of this little one. We are all so happy that Khloe' came home this week and is doing well. She went to ER when mom and dad could not console her. They think it was pain related and not injury. This young lady and her family have a tough road ahead of them. Please continue to pray and rejoice in the joyous words of Kiley when they brought her home.

We are so happy to finally be home!! What seemed like an eternity ago has actually been only been 19 days, but no matter how much time has passed; it is so worth it to go through whatever we have to in order to have our little girl. She completes our family and just solidifies the love our Father has for us in blessing us with such wonderful and special children as Brandon, Joshua, and now Khloe'.

We have a long and scary road ahead of us. We have only been home since around 4pm, and I am already paranoid about the boys being around her and being sick. They are wearing their masks and it is so hard for them to not touch her or hold her. Please pray for all of us to have patience during this time. The doctors have warned us that if Khloe' gets sick, we will be back in the hospital. Please pray for her guardian angel to protect her from germs and keep her safe.


I thank you all for your many prayers. This young lady received a touch of heaven from the many people that prayed for her. She got to taste the communion that we all long for. I am so thankful that her parents have allowed us to journey with them. I know that our family will keep them in our hearts for a long time as I am sure many of you as well. Thank you God for Khloe' she is just beautiful!

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