Friday, February 15, 2008

Thanksgiving and Another Request for Baby Khloe'

Khloe' is doing well, she got all the tubes out and only has 1 IV, unfortunately they put it in her scalp and it will remain until we go home. It looks scary and painful, but actually it is better than in her hand because she can breastfeed well.

My prayer request comes to you tonight from a very heavy, worried heart. When we found out about Khloe's congenital heart defect, Tetralogy of Fallot, the Cardiologist mentioned briefly that sometimes this heart defect is associated with DiGeorge Syndrome. They took blood samples and are having chromosome testing done, basically it is a deletion of the 22 chromosome. They have not gotten the results yet, and I really don't know what DiGeorge is or how it will affect her if she does have it. But one thing the surgeon said is that her thymus was missing when he did the surgery, I am not sure what that is, but they say that can be an indication that she could have DiGeorge, also the fact that she has Tetralogy could also be an indicator. Sometimes when the thymus is missing or compromised, it could mean she will have immunity issues. So, the immunologist is coming to talk with us tomorrow. This has been a huge fear of mine, that she will get sick and not be able to fight it. I must say, this has me worried tremendously and I am finding it hard to keep my wits about me tonight.

Please pray that Khloe's test will be negative for DiGeorge and that her immunity will be fine. Please also pray for my strength as I feel it dwindling today. I know Ghaleb is extremely worried also, so please pray for him too. I miss all of you and I really just want this nightmare to end and to be home with our family. Blessings to all of you.
~Kiley G~

In Thanksgiving for successful surgery and a speedy recovery.
For Peace for the G family as they learn more about Khloe' and her needs.
For a negative result from the test for DiGeorge Syndrome.

We ask through Christ Our Lord, the Bread of Life.

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