Wednesday, February 1, 2012

MO-DI Twins / Thank you God! Week 17.3

 We had our OB appointment this morning.  I am so thrilled to share our good news.  The doctor is certain that he saw a membrane between the two babies.  He is no longer worried about them being MO-MO twins.  J and I are so thrilled.  He still could not find a second placenta.  We are pretty confident that we have our hands on a set of identical twins that are monochorionic-diamniotic.  That is the fancy way of saying one placenta - two sacs.  The danger of sharing a placenta is not nearly as dangerous as if they shared both. 

 That is about all we know.  The doctor did look to find the sex of the babies.  He is fairly confident of what he saw but J doesn't want us to share that information until we are certain.  That will be after the intense ultrasound in 4 weeks. 

The doctor plans to get good information on each twin at the next appointment.  He will then keep track of their weight gain and growth.  If it looks like one is not getting the same nourishment as the other the doctor will refer us to a specialist.  As things look now we might even still be able to have a natural delivery.   

I type this feeling like the weight of the world has been lifted. Our babies looked fantastic today. They were moving all around and pushing toward each other and away. I asked the doctor to give me some kind of picture to show the older ones when we got home. This is what he gave us. The pointer is showing some one's toes pushing against the sac that we so hoped to see. To me that is a precious picture.

So here I am with the twins getting bigger and bigger at week 17.3.  Not a pretty shot of me but I am so  happy to share that the babies are doing great on the inside.  Our next ultrasound will be in 4 weeks and then we can focus on what type of babies are growing so that we can get ready for their arrival.  Thank you so much for your prayers and support.  I beg you to join me in continued prayers for their healthy growth and delivery.


  1. So happy to hear the good news! I will be praying for you and those babies. God surely has blessed you immensely!!!

  2. AHHH! So wonderful! In a strange way, I'm jealous. LOL!!! Can I come up to visit soon? Give me a day and time.

  3. That comment I wrote yesterday. Uh, had no idea today I'd find out I'm pregnant!!! WOW!

  4. I know your relief! The same thing happened with our twins!


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